Hello! I'm Blake Walsh, a full-time fashion student living in North Carolina. I decided to create this blog to chart my 365 day Urban Outfitters challenge. Basically what I'll be doing is wearing nothing but Urban Outfitters (clothes, shoes, make-up, undergarments, etc.) every day for a year. Each day I'll post a picture on here of what I'm wearing. I created this challenge because I think it will help me expand my boundaries, you know, wear things that I formerly would have thought were much too 'out there' for me. I'll post a fashionable outfit once a day, made up completely of Urban garments. I'll be re-wearing certain pieces, since I don't have a big budget (I don't exactly have a job...), but I'll never wear the exact same outfit twice. I am in no way affiliated with or being paid by Urban Outfitters, I'm just doing this for fun :)

Below there's a picture of my face.

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