Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 42- Dreaming of Short Hair

Just kidding, but I wanted to. I spent all of yesterday contemplating whether or not I should chop off my long locks. I've spent almost six years growing out my hair, so I guess I'm a little tired of it. Short hair is just so springy! I was determined to make an appointment and get it done today, but my mom somehow managed to talk me out of it. So instead I pinned all my hair on top of my head to make it look like I had short hair and I took I selfie (it's below this paragraph of text).
So what do all of you think? Should I cut it to my shoulders, or keep it long?


Items Featured in this Post:
BDG Twig Mid-Rise Jean (similar pair)
Urban Renewal Flannel Button-Down (similar one)
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low-Top Sneaker
Cat T-Shirt (similar one)


  1. That cat tshirt is just the coolest! Your hair looks amazing short, I think you should go for getting it cut! Maybe not so short first, so you can get used to it/see if you like it! x

  2. I like your hair both ways; you can definitely pull off the short and long looks. You can keep experimenting with the faux bob until you make your decision, if you're really unsure.

  3. You look adorable in the first photo :)

  4. i love this! thank you for the inspiration! you look so great! xoxo

    hope to see you on my blog at